After meeting with our Palestinian comrades this past couple of days there are several practical steps that we as young workers can take within our own unions to put in place resolutions of support, working alongside the ITF with the regional team and other affiliates in the region to assist in whatever way possible.

For us In Australia these steps will include a report back at our next National Youth Committee Tele- conference with the view to having the committee endorse the key points the young workers communicated to us during our mission. These being but not limited to-

– An exchange program for young workers in Palestine and Australia. Giving young workers from both countries the experience and training they will need as the next generation of trade unionist.

– financial assistance through an Annual fundraiser that can go towards their own office space as well as office equipment I.e their own computer, printer, phone and office supplies.

– Any other ways we can share information and assist each other with organising and training of young workers in both countries.

We will also speak to other youth committees that are ITF affiliates in Australia such as the TWU, RBTU & the AWU in the hope of getting them onboard with this very important initiative.

With the organising capacity of the ITF and the enthusiasm & motivation of young workers in all regions we can all work together & fight together in ensuring young workers everywhere are treated wth the dignity and respect they deserve no matter what country we come from.

Our brothers and sisters of Palestine’s strength despite the difficult circumstances they face should shine as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all unions.

I can not think of a worker anywhere in the world that is currently facing the challenges that our comrades in Palestine are currently facing on a daily basis under the Israeli occupation. It is incumbent of us as trade unionists to do whatever we can as fellow workers to assist them in their struggle, as one workers struggle is the struggle of all workers.

In Unity

Dan Crumlin

MUA delegate.