May 10, 2016 

Simon Lau, Unifor Canada

This morning our delegation was honoured to have the opportunity to meet with the General Transport Workers of Palestine Union’s women committee. The discussions we had with the committee were both educational and enlightening. We learned that the many issues that some of us take for granted are not so standardized in Palestine. For instance, it was not until the past few years that women were permitted to drive professionally (taxis, bus, vans)
Although female drivers are permitted, they still face many serious struggles such as pay inequality, adverse work conditions, and workplace harassement that in year 2016 should be obsolete. The fundamental principle of equal pay for equal work should be the sacred principle in Canada, Palestine, and all parts of the world. Furthermore, no worker, male or female, should feel endangered at work or feel pressured in doing anything that they are not comfortable in doing.

This clearly illustrates the need for labour organizations and unions to continue this fight as social justice and equality are borderless issues. We all have a duty to lobby governments, home and abroad, to ensure that all workers deserve the dignity that they all deserve.