It was a mission to get here but Inshallah (God willing) we made it. It has been two years since the Palestinian resolution was taken in Sofia, Bulgaria. The whole of the ITF agreed in solidarity to support our comrades in the Arab world particularly the Palestinians. As a result of that decision the youth committee agreed to sent young workers to Palestine. Four young workers from Asia pacific, Africa, Europe and North America are in Nablus on a mission to support the young workers in the country to best understand what issues they face daily.

Upon our understanding of their situation our plan is to support them not only morally but by going back to our respective countries and getting our comrades and the whole of the ITF to support us either financially or by means of campaigns. We understand that this will not be ab easy task to take on but it is one which we are resolute and radically determined to contribute as vest as we possibly can despite any challenges we anticipate along the way.

Andrew, SATAWU