May 9, 2016
Simon Lau, Unifor Canada 
The International Transport Workers Federation and a coalition of strong global labour unions have finally reached Palestine. Even before we touched Palestinian soil, I got the sense that the Israelis do not see Palestinians as equals. Whether it is mandating them to stand in a different line, dictating where they can live, wage inequality, or frequent security checks, Palestinians are treated by the Israelis as second class citizens. 
As labour unions, particularly in Unifor, all of these injustices counter everything that we stand for. We have a duty to fight against inequality and raise the standards for all, irrespective of where they are. With this in mind, we are here to put our collective voice together and stand shoulders to shoulders with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Over this week, we will be meeting with local union leaders, young transport workers, and government leadership. 
Although we cannot solve all of these injustices over night or even before the duration of this mission, there is no doubt that no one government can fight the power of a global voice. This mission will build the foundation where positive changes can eventually occur, as the Palestinians transport workers know they can always count on the support of a strong global network.
Stay tune for more.